28 December / / naval gazing
Great things that happened this year. I got to see family for almost an entire month. I did well in Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions of school. I learned that it is ok to feel bad, alone, sick. I (re)learned that God does His work even when I don’t feel or see anything. I worked a couple of interesting jobs (barista, vehicle lift maint./installer). I changed my degree path to computer science!
17 July / / recipes

This recipe is an adaptation of a non dairy-free, non gluten-free brownie recipe, and a dairy-free, gluten free blondies recipe. The result is a dairy-free, gluten-free pecan brownie with a salted caramel drizzle.

17 November / / design
TL;DR - I modeled a corner bracket using Blender in a somewhat parametric manner. If you want to look at the file and see what I did you can find it here. You can also skip down to the modeling section to see exactly what I did. Recently I replaced my Duplicator’s Melzi controller with something a little more sane. I’ll write a blog post in the future about the dependancy hell required to actually get a Melzi to work but for now, I need a bigger space to put my Smoothieboard in.
15 August / / design / build
Thank you for the video, Thomas. I found this video quite a while ago and I decided I’d give auto bed-tramming (bed-leveling) a go. Final battle with a Melzi. A cursory glance at the Melzi’s page on the Reprap website will only begin to illuminate the issues one will face if they attempt to modify the firmware on board in any manner. The Duplicator I3’s controller ships with Repetier which didn’t support any sort of auto bed-leveling at the time I tried to make this work.