Duplicator I3 Modifications

The Duplicator I3 is a fantastic starting 3D printer. With a little work it is able to produce prints that rival systems that cost ten times as much.

Modeling a Corner Bracket

TL;DR - I modeled a corner bracket using Blender in a somewhat parametric manner. If you want to look at the file and see what I did you can find it here. You can also skip down to the modeling section to see exactly what I did. Recently I replaced my Duplicator’s Melzi controller with something a little more sane. I’ll write a blog post in the future about the dependancy hell required to actually get a Melzi to work but for now, I need a bigger space to put my Smoothieboard in.

Duplicator I3 Auto-Bed Leveling with a Smoothieboard.

Leveling the bed on my 3D printer got old very quickly so I decided to add auto bed-leveling. This modification was a problem because the printer controller that Wanhao used is probably the least understood and least friendly in terms of modifying for both hardware and firmware. This was much more than ‘just add auto bed-leveling’.