Server Rack 3D Printer Design Requirements

I posted this idea on Reddit a little while ago and I received a lot of great feedback on my initial design.

Reddit Wants

  1. Carbon/micron filtration for enclosed server racks. /u/fencing49
  2. Sound damping/isolation on printer/frame interface, stepper/printer interface. /u/fencing49
  3. Camera mounts (on print head, optional different angles and positions), interior LED lighting. /u/fencing49
  4. Environmental monitoring (temp and humidity). /u/fencing49
  5. Casters, for to make move easier (these are already on the rack I have). /u/fencing49
  6. NO CANTILEVER PRINT BED!!1 /u/SirMisterJohn /u/holydeltawings /u/S00rabh
  7. Easy access to all sides/components for easy(er) tinkering. /u/jojowasher

Linear Motion

  1. More robust z-axis for the truly tall (6 foot) server racks. /u/jebba


  1. Four total hotends, one precise (0.2 or 0.3), one medium (0.4 or 0.5), and two volcano size.
  1. Heated bed (if possible). /u/fencing49
  2. Borosilicate print surface. /u/fencing49


  1. Many spools available (hey, there’s space for four right now!). Up to four spools may be loaded.

Parts and Components

  1. Empty rack cases:

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